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Educational Solutions and Distance Learning Programs

eLearning and Accreditation Programs are now available with the University Edition of Visible Analyst

Welcome to the Visible eLearning Webcast videos. Visible is home to aspiring and practicing IT professionals, enterprise architects, systems analysis and other software professionals whom collectively represent a progressive community devoted to learning, sharing and sourcing preferred IT practices.

Upon registering with us, you can view the Featured Films at no charge. Additional films are available on a subscription basis by which you may also pursue a professional accreditation or certification in one of the standard, advanced or specialized areas of knowledge that we offer.

Featured Films

Software Quality Assurance Competencies

56 minutes

This video examines Individual and Organizational competencies in terms of Leadership Skills, Team Skills, Systems Thinking, Ethics (and other Liabilities) and Sharing Knowledge. Close examination is given to:

  • Influences on effective group communication
  • Visioning / Aligning
  • Communicating / Listening
  • Building trust and Designing teams
  • Informal networks gatekeepers and Formal networks
  • One-way with or without feedback and Two-way communication

Enterprise Architecture ... An Overview of Frameworks

1 Hour 28 minutes

In this video the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF), The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) and Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) are examined in terms of their purpose, scope and role in Enterprise Architecture. You will see how each framework uniquely references the performance, business, service, data and technical requirements of an Enterprise Architecture.

SDLC Agile Development Methodologies

46 minutes

This video looks at a more detailed examination of the Software Development Life Cycle in terms of various Agile Development Methodologies as follows:

  • ASD – Adaptive Software Development
  • DSDM – Dynamic System Development Method
  • XP - eXtreme Programming
  • Crystal Methodologies
  • FDD - Feature Driven Development

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